I have always just bought a pin cushion when ever I needed one.  Mostly they came on the top of pin tins, and there was one already in the sewing cabinet I bought.

But these were/are just basically bits of foam and so I decided I wanted to join in the Treadle On Yahoo Groups pin cushion exchange.  Whilst I was thinking about this I was also having to plan our 25th Wedding Anniversary (a 4 day house party for our family – 16 of us – which included son and daughter and spouses plus all the grandchildren and friends), so it got put to the back of my mind.

Imagine my joy when my husband presented me with a beautiful anniversary present.  A silver antique pin cushion which is hallmarked 1899 Birmingham, UK.CIMG1641I have no idea how he knew I wanted one but it is such a perfect present.  The material and stuffing have been replaced – and to be honest not done very well – so I won’t be afraid to use it and can just replace it if that ever becomes necessary.

Getting back to the Treadle On pin cushion exchange.  After the Christmas holiday, I spent ages searching for a design, but eventually came up with a patchwork design of my own which starts off with a nine patch block and ends up having to do Y seams to complete.

I decided that I needed to try this out before I made the real thing but it worked out just fine.  It’s the one on the left below.  I went ahead and made my one for the exchange (on the right below).


The pin cushion had to be made with a people powered machine (hand crank or treadle).  As I was using a 28k straight stitch only machine, I used a machine technique called ‘chain-stitching’ to decorate it. This technique involves plaiting embroidery thread around the machine needle every couple of stitches so takes a while to do.

The pin cushion is made in the colours of the Welsh flag – Red, Green and White, and the reverse has an antique button, with the gold button being a PO WRNS uniform button.CIMG1555

CIMG1556The pin cushion I received from the exchange is really cute, and is being used in my sewing studio.  Here he is sitting on my 28K.

CIMG1638And here’s all 3 – so I will be able to have one where ever I am working – my sewing studio, the sewing part of the study (which houses my Singer 27k treadle and my Elna Diva) and a travelling one to take to classes – starting with a hand quiliting class starting on Friday 14th March.

CIMG1645 CIMG1644