Yesterday and today I spent some time making some blocks for the Spring Basic TreadleOn Block Exchange.

I hadn’t used my 99k handcrank to sew anything since I bought it a few months ago so I decided it was the ideal opportunity to test it out.  In preparation I had oiled it several days ago, and I was amazed at the difference it made to the noise I was getting from the hook area.  It is now so quiet.

I decided to make 2 sets of blocks for this exchange.  One from some fabric that  I received from a friend, and the other set from some that was already in my stash.  Here are the results and I am so pleased about the fact that I was able to match the seams at the centre.

CIMG1714I still need to sign them and get them in the post to the US by Monday so they will get there for the deadline at the begining of May.

This time I decided to starch the material before I cut out the patches for the blocks, after a discussion with a TreadleOn member.  I found it really helped with the piecing and there was almost no fraying of the fabric.  It’s certainly worth a try if you have difficulty matching your seams, so give it a go!