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Since returning home from our trip to Scotland I have not had much time for sewing.  We have been busy in the garden with our wildlife pond.  This involves taking out the old one, more digging, putting in a new liner and much moving of rocks – a post on that will appear some time as I plan to expand this blog to also include my garden adventures!

Anyway, as I was saying sewing has taken a back seat, but I had planned today to be a day to spend in the studio – and then I looked at Dylan.  He looked such a hairy monster that I thought I couldn’t leave his hair to grow any longer.

For those who don’t know, Portuguese Water Dogs do not shed – one of the things that attracted us to them – but of course then they have to be groomed, and that’s where the problem starts.  Dylan goes absolutely loopy at the hint of the clippers, and to pay to have him sissor cut would cost a fortune as he is a very wriggly dog – so muggins here volunteered to do the cutting!

So today turned into a dog grooming day for 4 hours instead of a sewing day and I am now toally exhausted, after all the cutting, holding, tempting with biscuits and then cleaning up the hair from all over the kitchen after!

However one good thing re the sewing has happened since we got home – my 4 patch squishy has been returned from the US and I have some lovely blocks – see them below. I played around with the colours and actually like where they are and could make another bed for Dylan from these, but I am waiting until I have the Autumn TOBE blocks from the US (half square triangles) and will combine them with those and the Mary’s triangle blocks I did last year to make a much bigger top – so maybe a bigger dog bed!