I’ve not had time to sew over the last few weeks as we have a major project we are undertaking in our garden which we have needed to get on with during the fine weather.

Our plan is to take 3 months to increase the size of our wildlife pond by at least a 3rd, and change the current waterfall and deep stream to more of a rocky flow of water.  Unfortunately we have clay soil so this is going to be a rather tiring undertaking!

Here is what our garden currently looks like after some work today!

CIMG1782You can see I’ve taken the waterfall and stream liner out and my husband has dug out some of the area as the addition to the pond – the really bare soil you can see on the left was the size of the original pond – again we had to remove the liner we had in there.  All the soil is piled up near the picket fence across the middle of the phot, near where the wheel barrow is.  The blue tarpalin is ready for the really sticky clay soil we will be taking out when we get down a bit deeper and which we will need to dispose of.

Emptying the pond a couple of days ago was my job. I had actually emptied it last year and taken the water lillies and pond plants out, but we just never got any further because life got in the way, so it was just a case of getting the water that had accumulated, and the blanket weed that had formed on it, out.  Well that’s what I thought!  Then there were the newts!  We thought we had about 20 or so, and we have another little pond over between the trellis on the right side where we had made a plan to move them.

Things progressed ok and as the water level was gradually going down I spent time catching newts and moving them – but then things got really bizzare – I took a break after I had moved 69 newts – then carried on and took another break after 123 – and finally stopped with most of the water gone and 162 newts moved!!  This wasn’t the end.  We had rolled the liner to a corner of the pond and left for the night, then when I was taking the stream liner out we found another 5 underneath it – so we have a grand total of 167 newts!!  Does anyone know if this is a record?

The building on the left behind the arch is our garage which has my sewing studio, the doors of which you can see, at one end and which as you can imagine is currently overlooking all this mess.  In fact I can’t actually see it as there are 19 fence panels stacked up on the deck which is in front of the studio, blocking out any view!

The panels are to replace the fence on the left side of the phot, and are the same as the ones on the right.  I’ve spent several hours today clearing all sorts of greenery from in front of the old ones so that we can actually get at them to take them out – well my husband and his friend will.  I am an absolute wimp and do not have the strength for lifting them, and the new ones are at least twice as heavy as the ones we are taking out.

The good thing is that the garden the other side of the picket fence is in pretty good order and lovely to sit in with the odd glass of wine so at least we can relax a little in between spurts of energy to get the pond done!

Will we do it all in 3 months? I wonder.  I do intend to take time off to sew though and will really appreciate those days.

What stops you sewing?