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I’m still trying to sort out my sewing space – the converted end of our garage that was my home office – and as they say things get worse before they get better!

Yesterday I started putting up the fixings for some shelf supports.  This was not as easy as it sounds.  The walls are single brick construction, over which is plasterboard, with 2 inches of polystyrene insulation between them.  So what to do to fix the supports to the walls?  I settled on some hollow wall anchors from ScrewFix –http://www.screwfix.com/p/hollow-wall-anchor-5-x-43mm-6-13mm-pack-of-10/18266  – for which I also needed to buy the setting tool – http://www.screwfix.com/p/setting-tool/12429?_requestid=254630 – which came with no instructions!  However I did manage to find a You-tube video that explained it – this is a bit cringing to watch but the info is good –   I’ll be writing a bit more about these on my useful tools page.

The anchors have been used by people to mount Radiators and 47in TV’s so I feel confident they will hold the shelves for the fabric and other things I am going to put on them.  I drilled my first hole, put the anchor in the setting tool, held it up to the hole and pressed – and nothing happend!  I just couldn’t use it at all – but then I am a wimp when it comes to hand strength, but I don’t think it helped that I currently have a suspect broken bone in a finger on my right hand (another story!).  I had to call my husband and he, thankfully, was able to use the tool, so it pulled on the screw and folded the anchor against the back of the board to form a firm fixing point.  It was probably made more difficult because of the insulation that the anchor also had to be pulled through to get it folded against the board.

Anyway 12 holes drilled by me, and 12 anchors fixed by my husband saw me ready for more work today.  I put the uprights on the wall, fitted the shelf supports, and then I had to cut the shelves.  We already had two pieces of board left over from some other shelving we had done so I was able to use those.

Here is what it looked like at this stage – including the total mess of my studio!

CIMG1811CIMG1808CIMG1809CIMG1810I have spent all of today cutting the shelves and making a start on the big tidy up. The shelves I cut from some spare chest sides we had from when I installed our fitted bedroom – quite a few years ago! They are a washed light oak colour so fitted in just right.

I have now got to the stage where at least my sewing machines are sorted and tidy – 4 of them fit on the old style looking chest, which I thought was quite appropriate.
CIMG1817It currently has my 28k and newly acquired 12k (more about that in another post soon) at the back, and my 99k and Cresta at the front.  I will probably swap the Cresta with my 222k though, as that is currently on the floor and more susceptable to anything creeping around (as I said this is the end of the garage, and we also have a deck floor in there with gaps between the boards) and damaging the case.

Here is what it looks like now – Dylan just had to get in on the act, but at least he can get in the room now!

CIMG1813CIMG1814CIMG1816CIMG1815There is still loads of stuff on the floor that just shouldn’t be in the room.  It is left over from when it was my office but also there are things just dumped in there.  Some of it needs to be rehomed, some burned as it is confidential stuff from my work days, and some just thrown.

I am trying to imagine it without anything on the floor and a new rug – which is the plan.  I haven’t yet got all my fabric from the draws and up on the shelves – I am really looking forward to that, but I think it will take me a day to sort it all out – I have no idea what I have because I can’t see it!

Tomorrow – is another day of sorting!

See the progress – https://sewingtales.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/chaos-sorted-nearly/