My sewing studio has now attained some sort of order, though there are still a few things to remove and a few to replace, but here is the grand tour of how it is at the moment.

CIMG1840The shelves are now up, and the fabric from the draws is all arranged on them.  There is room for 4 times more, but I still have to sort out what is in the two crates in the cupboard in the house.  To reach it all I have to stand on the sofa – I’m only 5ft – but that isn’t a problem.

A Bagpuss bag, in need of a clean, is on the hooks.  This was a present some years ago from my step-son and I’m sure I will find a use for the storage – soon!

As you can see I can fit my 4 vintage Singers on the top of the cupboard on the right of the photo.

CIMG1841My table top ironing board fits nicely on the draw unit next to them, together with my travel iron – and a kettle for the odd cup of tea!  I even have my own private loo!  This is through the door you can see on the left – we inherited it when we bought the place as the room was used as an office for the business they ran.

My wadding is in the old wooden laundry bin next to the door – with loads of stuff on top that has to be moved out to somewhere! Next to it is my ebay find sewing cabinet, much like the Horn Cabinets, but this was a New Home one and it came to me with the original New Home machine too.  Behind the open front is storage for 4 of my sewing machine cases/covers.

CIMG1842Here you can see my cutting table on the black chest by the open door.  It’s actually a glass covered chest with the top broken (the glass cracked when I dropped a glass coaster on it!).  I have placed an off-cut of kitchen worktop on top and then my cutting mat, rotary cutter and sharpener.  It looks quite low but it is just right for me because, as I said, I am rather short and I even find normal kitchen worktops high.

I have now pushed the television back into the corner, and my laptop is placed in front of it.  I can plug this in via an HDMI cable and view on a larger screen any instructions I may need to follow – since I have a wireless mouse I can control it from my sewing chair, the sofa, or the wicker chair.

Actually in the sewing cabinet at the moment is my Elna Diva and I am currently creating a back with zip for a cushion top I pieced a while back – it is an alternative, but matching design, for the one on the sofa. On the floor near the door is another pile of things to me moved out and found alternative homes.

CIMG1843This corner has hooks for my two sewing bags – the green one for taking my Featherweight away in the motorhome, and the flowery one for taking bits and pieces to classes – not that I’ve done any lately.  There is also a grey basket on the top shelf.  I am now using this for my hand quilting bits and bobs and current hand project – another thing started I need to finish! On the floor behind the chair are another 2 machine cases/covers.

The blank wall I am planning to use as a design wall.  It is roughly 50 ins wide by 80 high, so I should be able to fit a reasonable size one there.  It will be on a curtain pole (currently on the left of the picture hanging down near the electric socket) and I will be able to push it back into the corner out of the way if I need to.

Under the shelves you can see I have a hook for my quilting rulers and some other odds and ends.

CIMG1844You can see my Singer herd here altogether. Back left is the 99k, and back right the 28k, then front left the 12 (Bridgton Cross I think not Kilbowie) and front right the 222k.  My plan is to make fabric covers for all of them so I don’t have to keep taking them in and out of their cases – whilst they look nice on display I think they will get a bit dusty unless they are back in their cases or have covers.

CIMG1852In the cupboard are 2 other machines (so that makes 7 in my studio).  At the back is the New Home 360 that came with the sewing cabinet and in front is the Cresta T132-3 which was bought for me when I was 16.  There is room in the cupboard for 2 more machines if only I can rehome my record (or should that now be album!) collection and turntable – though I do intend to link that up to the television and play some music through it’s speakers!

Whilst I do have 2 other machines one will stay in the house – that is my 27k treadle in drawing room cabinet, while the other I could move out – a duplicate of my Cresta, bought for parts but it actually works!

There are a few more changes I have yet to make:-

1.   Replace the pink rug with a new much larger one so it covers more of the floor – which is actually a deck with up to 3/8 in gaps between the boards – very easy to lose things through! The pink one is old and pink, especially that pink, is not a colour I like, but I will be keeping it rolled up out of the way. It will come out when I am cleaning and working on machines and cover the new rug.  I like working on the floor if it’s comfortable – loose screws don’t go so far and I can actually see over the top of the machine – I’m short remember and tables generally I find too high without standing on a step stool!

2.   Replace the awful net curtain.  I just hate that net curtain, but it was a spare and was needed when we used to use the room for friends and family staying, as that window gets a lot of morning light – brilliant for sewing.  I will be replacing it with a vertical blind so I can pull it right back and get the benefit of that lovely light.

3.   Replace the French door curtains.  More vertical blinds – for the same reasons really.  Hate the curtains which are make shift so a vertical blind will be great.  The doors are south facing and with the blind pulled all the way over to the left will let in lots of light – and if it’s too strong I can just partial close, or turn the slats whichever way I want.

4.   One of the last things I will do – when I think I have everything the way I want – is to put up my sign.  It was a birthday present from my husband, but more about that in another post!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements.