Progress on the pond has not been as fast as we had hoped. This has been down to the wonderful weather we have been having this summer – not because we have been off doing other things, but the clay soil is just too hard to dig. We have had to resort to using a pickaxe to get the soil loose and then scoop up the lumps and wheel barrow them to our dumping area.

Actually that is what John, my husband has been doing. I have been shoveling it up over the back of the mound to make more room at the front of it for him to tip more clay.

Nevertheless we have made reasonable progress.


The pond area has been mainly dug out, the new fence panels are in and I have killed off all the grass around the stream area ready to cut it out to widen it into a shallow rocky flow of water.  The last photo shows the mound of clay we are accumulating – this will all have to be taken away in skips at some point.

Meanwhile the newts temporary home seems to be in really good condition.  The water is really clear and I have put a log across to enable them to find their way out if they need to.  I have also added a solar powered air pump to keep the water sweet.





I cannot say the same for our Koi pond – whilst the water quality and the fish are fine we are currently being plagued with green water algae.  Nothing we have done so far seems to help during this warm weather.  We have also had to put some plastic grids around the edge to deter the heron that had been visiting regularly – and taken some fish!  The deterent seems to be working!





We have just had delivered some imitation split bamboo screens we are planning to use as a roof on the pergola that is over the pond.  Hopefully this will stop the herons spotting the area of water and keep some of the sun off to reduce the algae issue.  Being imitation they should be able to withstand the weather and the pidgeon poo from the birds that like to roost there and I can pressure wash it when I have to.

As today was such a lovely day, and John was out with his crew on our boat sailing, I decided it was time to tame the wisteria again on the south facing wall of our bungalow.  I had already cut it back in July but it had just taken off during these last few weeks.  Here are the before during and after phots.






At least it is now not coming in through the bathroom and french door windows and we have much more light in the bungalow.


The weather forcast for the next few days is pretty awful – thankfully!  I’m hopeing for lots of rain as we are supposed to be getting the end of a hurricane coming across the Atlantic.  This will make the soil workable and we will be able to progress.  I’m still not hopeful it will be finished as planned by the end of August – but you never know!