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Yesterday I eventually finished the Canning Jar Blocks for the latest TreadleOn swap.

I can’t say I really enjoyed making these.  In fact they are not really my sort of thing, but as one of my goals this year was to complete all the TreadleOn swaps it was inevitable that I would be doing them.

I initially created some test blocks using my little Singer Featherweight, Vera – the 222K.  That went fairly well so I was all set to do the real thing on a hand crank – you need to use people powered machines for the TreadleOn blocks, since part of the reason for running the exchanges is to get us using the people powered machines.

CIMG1823The first hand crank I used was the Singer 12 TS – Myfanwy.  She performed fairly well, but I did get frustrated trying to ensure the ‘lids’ on the jars were exactly over the jars themselves.  I did do a fair bit of unpicking and re-sewing seams to get them as close as I could – though I am still not totally happy with them.


After a week or so I decided to do the second set and used the Little Vesta Saxony CS – ‘Rae’.  Whilst the stitching is fine I still didn’t enjoy the process.  Again I just couldn’t get the ‘lids’ exactly where I wanted them, and I did not enjoy sewing on black fabric with black thread!

Anyway they are now all completed and ready for signing before I send them off to the USA tomorrow.

CIMG2028I won’t be making anymore but will work the swaps when I receive them into a quilt with some other blocks – and I definitely will not be using black fabric!