Last summer we had a fly past over our garden of several spitfires and a hurricane to commemorate the start of World War One in 1914.  The airfield they used is not far from us and the next day they took off on their return to their normal base.

I thought they had all gone but an hour later a lone spit fire flew low over the house and garden and I waved – and imagined how it had been for the people in UK all those years ago when they saw the planes flying off to fight.

I decided then to make my own commemoration in time for 11th November 2014 – 100 years to the day from the start of the war.

I had bought EQ7 several months ago and designed lots of things that I have still to make, but used it to design a largish wall hanging or quilt – then decided I was being too ambitious for a beginning quilter and settled on a large cushion cover.

I wanted to use the heart quilt block I had seen, and designed 3 different poppy type flower heads, each using 4 of the same block with different colour ways.  Here is what I ended up with.


CIMG2163CIMG2165The pattern I designed was trickier than I had thought!  I found it impossible to use normal piecing for some of it and had to resort to paper piecing – the first time I had tried it and I found it irritating – but had to persevere as it gave the accurate stitching I needed for the sloping part of the design and the ‘sun’ I had decided to put in the top right hand corner.  The flowers were made as normal, but there were so many seams that it was difficult to keep the final block size at 6 1/2 unfinished – some of the seams are really scant – more so than I would have wished!

This is where I had got to by yesterday evening – not the complete project I wanted but well on the way.  Hopefully you can see how the flowers are all made out of 4 of the same 3 in finished ‘heart’ blocks.  The current size is 18 1/2 inches square. The finished size I am expecting to be about 20 inches square.


I know I could have maybe had less blocks, but I was trying to be simple with them all 3 ins square – maybe that wasn’t a good idea as there was lots of matching to do on those as well as on the individual flowers – but I am fairly happy with how I managed that!

I pressed all seams open except for the ‘sun’.  The way that top block is paper pieced means it’s impossible to press the seams open, so I did all the ‘sun’ ones to one side, but made sure they all when to the same side so the ‘rays’ all looked continuous.

I plan to put a black border around it or maybe pipe the edges, embroider the centre of the flower on the right and maybe some small poppies on the green ‘grass’ and then of course quilt it before I complete the cushion cover – not sure what quilting I will do yet.

Any suggestions?