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It’s been a bit slow going because I’ve been involved in other things but I have made progress on what is now going to be a wall hanging.

The basic quilting and binding have been done – I just need to complete it now!

CIMG2193The piecing was done on my 1957 Singer 99k, the quilting on my 1992 Elna Diva and the serpentine stitch on the ‘sun’ on my 1969 Cresta T132 -3.  You can see this better from the back view below.  The centre of the flower bottom right was done as an embroidery on my 2014 Janome 15000 V2

CIMG2190I’m actually attempting to make this a double sided wall hanging – we will have to see whether I shall succeed!

I was really surprized not to find a serpentine stitch on the Elna – it has over 300 stitches!  However the Cresta sewed it wonderfully.

The original 18 cam disks I have for the Cresta are getting a bit soft – the cam guide seems to be rubbing some of the ‘rubber’ away meaning the pattern is getting less and less defined.  BUT I have found that the Singer flat disks work fantastically.  I took a chance and bought a set of 24 off Ebay.  They are made of a much harder material and the patterns the machine makes are actually better than they ever were with the original disks.

Here are the disks I’m talking about on Helen Howes site – the Singer type A cams – http://www.helenhowes-sewingmachines.co.uk/cams.html but you may be able to find them on ebay if you need them.  I bought a set of 24 from Ebay for around £20 and they are also called Fashion Disks – they are from the 300 series Singer machines.