I hope everyone had some good celebrations to bring in the New Year!

We had a quiet but lovely evening enjoying our own – and the dog’s – company!

I watched an interesting film called ‘The Help’ about the prejudice there was against coloured people in Mississippi during the Martin Luther King era. I will never understand ‘people’ prejudice, but especially just because someone has a different coloured skin.

It has shown its face for ever during history though.  Going way back to Dickensian times in UK when the Jews were looked down upon, but even before that to the Romans and Egyptians who thought they were better than other races.  The Irish were looked down upon in the UK at one time – and my own nationality – Welsh – was treated unfavourable during historical, and not so historical times.  I could go on but won’t!

John watched some sort of war film – but we came together to watch the Queen concert on the BBC before hearing the traditional sounds of Big Ben striking midnight!  Outside our house we watched lots of fireworks being let off – even Dylan watched, brave boy that he was :0).  This year we didn’t hear any ships sirens from Portsmouth Harbour like we usually do – maybe that isn’t allowed any more?

We celebrated with our final glass of wine for at least a month – we are both at our heaviest for quite a while, and John is the heaviest he has ever been, so action is called for – more exercise and good food – though we do have to finish off the Christmas chocolates!

For some years we have set a limit on what we buy each other for Christmas – at our age we have most of what we want and tend to buy things when we see them, so there is no point spending loads just because it’s Christmas.  We buy surprize presents for each other during the year when we see things we think will be appreciated.

This year we set a limit of £50 – though we did both go over slightly.  Here are our main presents to each other –

CIMG2203The one on the right is mine – a paperweight/pincushion and the one on the left a lookalike John Lewis penguin for John as it’s currently his favourite advert.

For those of you not in UK – this is the advert – hope you can see it!

And more info here – Monty’s Christmas

  Happy New Year!