On the 6th January we decided to go for lunch.  This is not unusual and we made our way to our favourite pub – The Old Ship – on Lee-On-Solent sea front, which is about 4 miles away from our house.

We live on the South Coast of England and love being near the sea – probably because we are both ex-Navy!

This day we had a particular reason for visiting, as overnight on the 3rd/4th of January a 590ft container ship was purposely run aground on Brambles bank – a sandbank at the entrance to Southampton Water in the middle of the Solent, between the Isle of Wight and Lee-on-Solent.

Southampton Water is the deep channel entrance to the main cruising port in the UK and gives access to Fawley oil refinery as well as the route for numerous container ships in and out of the UK.

Here is its position in relation to the tower of Fawley oil refinery on the right

Tuesday 6 January 2015 014

This is the view we had through the pub window whilst eating our lunch – taken with a zoom lens on the camera.

Tuesday 6 January 2015 009

It turns out that shortly after leaving the port of Southampton the vessel started listing.  In order for it not to sink in the middle of the deep water channel, and cause chaos in one of the busiest waters for shipping, the master and pilot agreed to beach it on the bank (well know in the area as a hazard for shipping).

With and without the zoom lens below.

Tuesday 6 January 2015 010
Tuesday 6 January 2015 006
Tuesday 6 January 2015 012
Tuesday 6 January 2015 011
It has now been moved further East, but still in the middle of the Solent, in order for the deeper water around it to assist in its righting and re-flotation – there is lots of water on board let alone the 1400 premium cars and 70 pieces of construction equipment that was being taken to Germany.  Who knows what state they will be in!

As far as I know it is still there because weather conditions over recent days have made it impossible to salvage.