I haven’t written a post for a while – not because I’ve lost interest but life just took over for a while.

I was finding my sewing groups were taking so much of my time it was encroaching on my sewing, and any time for writing was spent on a web site I ran for one of them. So – I made the decision that had to go, plus the time I was spending travelling to another 27 miles away.

I enjoyed meeting the people but we seemed to spend more time talking that sewing which for me is what it’s all about.

Also I have taken up another ‘hobby’ which I needed to make space for.  I now attend Adult Ballet once a week which is just fantastic.  I took lessons for 10 years between the ages of 5 and 15 and it’s amazing how much is all coming back to me – though I think my feet and legs have forgotten what they need to do so do need the training!

The garden and pond are still on the agenda – more of that in another post, but the last couple of months has been spent on sewing Christmas presents  (details in another post) which were a success.  My first year of making things rather than buying everything worked – though presents for men are difficult.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

The latest sewing project though was a 4th Birthday Present I made for one of my grand-daughters.  Having made lots of bags and hats I wanted to make something different and ended up making a skirt for her.

I haven’t made clothes for years and found that it took longer than I thought as I like to finish all the seams etc neatly even those that aren’t seen at all.  I used several types of seams – open with overcasting and French, and of course different feet on the machine – standard foot, overcast foot, gathering function, plus inserting elastic and making a bow.  The machine came in handy with its button foot to stitch the button on as things were pretty thick with all the layers of fabric at the centre seam of what was underneath (see below) and the layers of the knot of the bow.

I top stitched either side of the casing for the elastic plus did the serpentine stitch down the centre of the made bow – as it was difficult to feed such a small width and keep it straight through the 9mm stitch width foot of my Janome 15000.  I should have got my vintage machines out with the small feet but just didn’t have time.

I really enjoyed using all the different techniques rather than just straight stitching for piecing or quilting.

As I said above, there is something underneath – in fact it’s not a skirt – it’s a skort! A skirt with attached shorts for those that don’t know.

The details of the pattern and method can be found here – on SewCanShe – http://www.sewcanshe.com/blog/2015/2/19/little-ruffle-skirts-with-a-free-pattern – and it is a free pattern on Craftsy.

It’s actually just a little bit big for her, but that’s better than being too small as she will grow into it.  She seemed to love it and put it on under the dress she was wearing when we went to her birthday party!

It should fit her by the Summer months when it will be time to wear it!