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This morning I did something I have been meaning to do for quite a while.

I got up early and saw the ISS – International Space Station – fly over my house.  It was an almost perfect time to do it.  The information said it was going to be visible from just above the horizon at WNW, to 38 degrees in the E, reaching an angle of 86 degrees (virtually overhead) at its highest point. It was due to fly over at 6.45am and be visible for between 3 and 6 mins depending on which website you look at – and it was dead on time!

The sky was absolutely clear when I went out side in my dressing gown and slippers – and very cold.  Temperatures are at freezing point which is a real contrast to the warmer than usual weather we have been having though not unusual for the South coast of UK.  I don’t think I would have liked to be out there much longer.

Take a look here – http://iss.astroviewer.net/observation.php – and here – http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/index.cfm   Check out the tabs at both locations to find out more info and how to spot it.  I may look out for it tomorrow too as it will be a bit later and the last good time for a while.

On to the Christmas presents – well at least some of them.  Last year was my first time of trying digitizing machine embroidery and I love it.  I digitized myself all the designs for my Christmas presents as well as actually embroidering and stitching them – except for a butterfly that I got free off the internet but even that needed the colours changing and also the order of stitching re-sequenced in order that it stitched out correctly.

My husband is a real fan of Harley Davidson bikes.  He has recently bought a Road King (I think this may be his 3rd or 4th Harley, can’t even remember how many bikes altogether! – He keeps selling them saying he’s giving up and then goes and buys another!).  It seemed obvious that could be a theme and I was able to find a graphic of the Harley Davison badge that I could digitize together with the ‘A’ graphic from the highly popular show ‘Sons of Anarchy’ which is another of his likes!.

So here is the result – a lovely fleecy scarf that he absolutely loves.  Great!

You will also see in the photo an oven glove made using a pattern from the Crafty Gemini – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtS5itzH9tk – this worked out well but I did extend it 4ins not 2ins as mentioned in the video.  I used one layer of Insul-Brite, but the heat resistance is not as high as I would like, and the feel is a bit thin.  Next time I will use an additional layer of ordinary fleece as well.

My husband does nearly all the cooking in our house and had been complaining that he needed a new glove! James Bond is another of his likes and I think he would be word perfect in reciting all the dialogue from the films.  In case you haven’t guessed his favourite colour is black!