Shortly before I retired my husband asked me to mend a sail cover and the only machine I had that I thought would handle the job was an 1895 Singer 28K Handcrank.  I inherited it from my mother (who inherited from her Aunt I believe).

On checking out the machine I realised it needed some tender loving care to get it back in to working condition. It was also missing its check spring so the tension was not working correctly. Some searching of the web and emails to several people saw me sorted out with the information and parts I needed. Then while cleaning it the rubber tyre on the bobbin winder just disintergrated. More searching and a week later I had a new tyre on the machine and I was ready to sew.

The sail cover was a breeze, but through using the machine I fell in love with it all over again. I had learnt to sew on it from age 8 and had forgotten how much I loved the sound and also the control it gives you while trying to sew something difficult.

It also rekindled my love of sewing. I had not had time to do much for about 14 years for various reasons, but with retirement looming I knew I would have the time to devote to a sewing hobby.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Alice Neal Midkiff said:

    I found your blog when you kindly e-mailed me about a question I had on ISMACS Digest. Your 99K is beautiful – since retiring a short time ago I have bought two and am relearning to sew after many years. Visiting your blog is comfortable and soothing.
    Alice Neal, Inman, SC, USA


  2. So nice to see you have a blog!! I just noticed your link this morning for the first time, on your post to Treadle On about hem stitchers (or is that Hemstitchers?) I’m going to follow you so I can keep up with your adventures! 🙂 Kindest regards, Dianne B. in West Yorkshire, http://rosewillow.wordpress.com


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