Useful Tools

Jansjo LED Worklamp – IKEA

This LED lamp is fabulous and only uses 3 watts – It is much brighter than any of my machine lights which use 15 watts, is brilliant for my vintage machines that don’t have any lights anyway.  I bought 2.  A clamp one to clip on the end of my treadle cabinet and a normal stand one for all my other machines.

I bought both in black because most of my machines are black but you can get them in white and some other colours. They cost me £10 each at IKEA.  It wraps around any machine I have, so the light can be directed in just the right place.  Here is the difference it makes to my Elna Diva.  The first pic is no light, second just the machine light, and third with the Jansjo.










LED Bulbs – replacement bulbs for sewing machine bulbs – EBAY

I decided I wanted to replace the incandescent lights in my machines for 2 reasons.  First they are cheaper to run as a 3 watt bulb will easily replace a 15w one and give more light.  Second I wanted to stop burning my hand on the bulb in the lamp holder on my 222k.  This bulb is at the front of the machine, and with such a small machine I keep touching the bulb – not a problem other than it gets hot!

I know there can be issues with the aluminium body of the 221 and 222k heating up and binding if used for a long time, so I guess anything that reduces heat around the machine is a good thing.

Anyway my search for a suitable bulb in the UK has proved fruitless!  I can get bulbs with a screw fitting, but I needed bulbs with a small bayonet fitting.  I have eventually found a solution in 2 places.

One is a bulb from the US –
The bulb itself costs just over £21 and with postage, import VAT and customs admin fees it comes to around £35!  Rather a lot of money – coupled with that the bulb is only a 2w LED which is supposed to give as much light as a 15w incandesent – it does not seem that way to me, and I would not buy it again.  Don’t get me wrong it is of excellent quality, just that it is way over priced even if I were to buy it in the US.

At the same time as ordering the above bulb I ordered one from China
for £2.10 including postage with no customs charges (in case you didn’t know you can order anything valued at under £18 without customs charges).  I was doubtful whether it would work and what the quality was like or even if it would arrive – well I needn’t have doubted it at all.

Whilst it did take just over 2 weeks to arrive, the quality is fantastic and it is smaller than the bulb from the US which means it fits into the lampholders easier, and it would also fit into many more machines that have less space.  What’s more the wattage is 2.6w which means it is just as bright as your incandescent 15w bulbs.  I will definitely be ordering more!

Superior Thread Stand – Barnyarns

This thread stand can be used for cones or reels as it has several ways the thead can be led off it.  The top guide is fully adjustable which means you can align it right next to where your thread would be on your machine and lead it to your machines first thread guide as though the spool was still on the machine.

I actually slide the last guide over my machines horizontal spool pin and then take the thread through to my first guide on my Elna Diva

CIMG1854I bought mine from Barnyarns and you can see it at the link below.  There are also some You-tube videos linked there that will show you more about it.

JALL ironing board – IKEA

A table top ironing board that can be hung in a cupboard or on the back of the door! I take it travelling in my motorhome!

Protect and Grip Thimble – Clover

This thimble moulds to the shape of your finger – and does not fall off!


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